Professional Eco Carpet Cleaning Services

Specialty – Services

  • In addition to the standard cleaning services your home or business may require, Enterprise Clean offers a number of other services to keep your home or workplace looking it’s best.
  • These services can be quoted along with your original bid or requested at any time as an individual service.

Exterior Power Washing

  • This service is available to all residential and commercial clients as a single service or in addition to their regular cleaning.
  • Residential services that benefit from power washing include driveways, concrete, awnings, brickwork, wood/vinyl decks, vinyl and aluminum siding.
  • Commercial services include, but are not limited to, bank or restaurant drive- thru, brick or sided commercial properties, exterior concrete and truck/vehicle fleets.

Bulb replacement

  • Let there be light.

Exterior Window Washing

  • This service is available to all residential and commercial clients in conjunction with their cleaning package or as a separate service.

Wall Washing

  • This service is a separately quoted service for our residential customers and rates are set depending on the number, size and condition of walls. It is often part of a move- in/move-out or market/rental prep package.

Gutter Cleaning

  • This is a seasonal service offered to all commercial and residential clients. Keeping your gutters/down spouts clear of debris helps prevent expensive water damage repairs in the future.

Rubbish Removal

  • We responsibly clear and dispose of unwanted items and junk from residential and commercial properties at short notice 7 days a week.

Mould Removal

  • We recognize mold not only damages property, but can jeopardize human health and our goal is to remove this hazard with minimal disruption to the occupants.
  • Our mold remediation process benefits property as well as people.

Laundering or Dry Cleaning of Bedding and Curtains.

  • Curtains attract a lot of household dust and odours.
  • Curtain cleaning service without the inconvenience of removing and re-hanging.

Insect Treatments and Fumigation.

  • Get you house treatedwith our insect eradication spray and anything that jumps off you pet will not stay long

Post Construction/Renovation Cleaning

  • This service is specifically for those homeowners who have done home remodeling and need to rid themselves of the dust and debris that accompanies such an endeavor.
  • Whether you need help with the whole house or only a portion, give us a call. We’re here to help.

Basement Cleaning

  • This service is specifically designed for that area of the home which often tends to be neglected.
  • We will provide debris removal, all cleaning services from rafters to floor and will do all or only a portion.
  • Please note that we cannot do water extraction.

Garage/Attic Cleaning

  • The garage and attic are areas of the home that nobody likes to clean. We do!
  • We can provide debris removal if necessary and power washing of that garage floor to get it looking like new.

Handyman Services

  • These services include simple tasks around the home or office that do not require the expertise of a plumber or an electrician. They may include such things as light fixture installation, blind replacement or recaulking of a tub/shower area.